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New Vlog of an old Trip – It’s London Baby

Hello Guys!

I visited the United Kingdom in 2017, and finally, after almost 2 years, I edited it.

It was a conference where I got a chance to present my research paper and also show my documentary on Gender Equality in India.

The vibe of this place is so amazing, the people are helpful, cheerful and happy, and commuting is super interesting with all the tunnel train, tube trains. I enjoyed my stay of 15 days.

Places I visited:

1. Basingstoke

2. Oxford

3. Brighton

4. London

5. Shrewsbury

From lovely evenings with family and friends to introduce to people from different parts of the world at the conference, to listening to Jazz for the first time, also those walks of Baker Street, I can never forget the Oxford hop on, hop off buses.

I must have seen the Oxford town for almost 3 times in one day, the Harry Potter dining hall and that Alice in Wonderland.

Thanks to my love for solo traveling, I got to see so many beautiful places.

I hope you guys enjoy watching, because I definitely enjoyed making it.

Love you all…


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