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Plan a perfect Road trip with your girls

Plan a perfect Road trip with your girls

Knowing how to drive can enable the most adventurous experiences, the road trip. Though road trip takes a little planning beforehand, once it starts, it for sure becomes one of the most memorable trips.

In my case, my friend is an amazing driver and that gives me the opportunity to plan road trips. Here are a few tips to take care of your planning to make your trip smooth and enjoyable.

1. Decide on the destination Random trips are the best, you do things which are least expected and everything is a surprise when planned sudden. I think this is something everyone has heard about and so have I. But planning a road trip, is a little different at times. As a girl, we need to think of many factors, so it’s always better to decide on the destination beforehand and also read about the place beforehand(in advance). It gives you a pretty good idea of where to stay and what time is better to reach and what is available in that area.

2. Get your vehicle checked Taking your car for a drive away from the city where you don’t know anyone, well, in cases like these it is best to get your vehicle checked for at least basic things. This can help you avoid mishaps, or smaller issues if any. For eg., I would always get my tyres checked and petrol tank checked before any of these trips. So that I know the health of my vehicle and if anything needs attention, it can be given before the trip starts.

3. Check possible routes and decide on the best route with an alternative Many people who travel a lot usually prefer roads with more scenic beauty and less of the traffic. Use the old fashion maps (I get confused using maps, someone help!) or use the internet to check on the possible routes. Some people prefer the back road (I love calling it the countryside) instead of the interstate highways. It does avoid traffic and the beauty you see on your travel is amazing.

4. Tune your vehicle up If you are planning your vehicle for a longer trip, it is better to get it checked properly and get everything working in good condition. As, for all the lights working properly, the oiling done right, and the tyres all perfect. This will help you in avoiding many of the uncalled situations which are small but can happen any time because of small negligence.

5. Plan those hunger stops both for you and your vehicle My friend and I are a big-time foodie and more than that we enjoy tea every now and then and if we don’t find any we go cranky towards each other too. So it’s always better to know where all can we find a good place to eat and enjoy the journey. Oh! and did I tell you as we are living in the southern part of India and we both enjoy South Indian Idli Vada, we always find a good place with some soft idlis to eat and start the journey again?

6. Don’t forget the entertainment Did I tell you about my love for music? Luckily, my girlfriends and I still enjoy those 90’s songs and so we make it a point to save all the songs. I understand the driver needs to focus on the driving but some music in the background doesn’t hurt, and at times it helps in focusing more.

Oh! Did I tell you about the buffer you should keep for your travel time if you find some places for photos and roadside eateries? I enjoy those times the most. Driving through the hills and finding those beautiful spots and having some fun with your photos that you can take.

In the end, driving is the most important part of a road trip and you definitely need to be confident about the person who is going to drive, either yourself or your friend.

Don’t be in a rush and enjoy the scenic beauty along the roads. I hope this article helps you in planning a better road trip and next time when you plan a trip, try driving to the destination if possible and you might end up loving the experience.

I hope you enjoyed the read and this helps you in some way. If you feel like sharing something that I missed, feel free to comment below about it. I would love to know your point of view.

Till next time. XOXO


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