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Start your day with Cinnamon water, Lemon, and honey if needed

I started using this a month ago and the difference I see is amazing. I can’t tell you how calm my stomach feels. If you have bloating problem like I used to, this is something I suggest everyday in the morning.

Have a glass of it first thing in the morning and say bye bye to many of your health problems.

How do we make it. Well, it’s simple, what you need is

1 glass warm water

½ Lemon

¾ spoon of cinnamon powder

1 spoon Honey (if needed)

Now, since all the ingredients you need are here, let’s talk about every of it individually, as each of these have got it’s own benefits and mixing them together can do wonders.


This is a superfood which helps in minimisation of weight gain. It actually makes you feel fuller for a longer part of the day hence, saving you from munching every now and then. It helps in increasing your metabolism when included consistently in your diet.


Helping you with your waistline, this spice regulates blood sugar at the same time help in controlling your craving for some certain foods.

Cinnamon helps in lowering down your bad cholesterol and the unique part about this spice is, it acts like insulin in your body.

Like our first ingredient lemons, it also boost your metabolism helping in weight loss targeting the most stubborn abdominal fat of your body.

As I am working towards a healthy lifestyle and trying to make some better choices. I thought the best way is to note my progress by sharing the things I do.

Hope this helps you in some way.

Till next time. XOXO


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