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10 super food for these summers

The unbearable heat and continuous sweat, the summers are here again. And here are some super foods to keep you cool in this weather.

  1. Mangoes

Mangoes are one of the most loved fruits in the summers. This super food is filled with antioxidants, which is amazing for a healthy body. Cold mangoes in summers are one of my favourite. I can’t wait for the first rains, because my mum says only after that will your mangoes be sweet and believe me I like mine sweet. There are so many options and varieties, and I just love all of it.

2. Oranges

Oranges being rich in citric acid, helps in controlling acne. It has got exfoliating properties giving the skin shine and youthful glow. As oranges are rich in Vitamin C, it increases the production of collagen, which controls signs of ageing and giving a firm skin. Enjoy this as juice or if you are eating it, use black salt with it to have amazing taste, you will enjoy it alot.

3. Tomatos

Cold tomatoes keeps me cool and I think you should try it soon. Add tomato in your salad with your lunch and it will cool your body and you will be feel good. Tomatoes contains antioxidants called lycopene which protects the skin from UV rays which causes sunburns. Our body naturally tans itself when exposed to sun rays but sudden exposure to a lot of it causes sunburns.

4. Carrots

A variety of carrot is well noted for its heat tolerance. In summers, many of us face issues with our digestion as food is not well digested because of the heat. Carrots help in digestion and prevents from constipation.

5. Cucumbers

Cucumber is full of water. 95 percent of cucumber is water, and hence it is best for keeping the body hydrated. It is a must have as it detoxifies the body and keeps the skin healthy and beautiful.

6. Sweet Potato

Helps in increasing metabolism and also a great source for iron. Eat it with black salt and you will need nothing else. It is so fulfilling and doesn’t burn in the stomach like the spicy food we all love eating. Enjoy sweet potato like a snack in the evening and it will curb your hunger for junk food.

7. Dark Chocolate

Chocolates are everyone’s favourite and if you don’t like chocolates, Whyyyyy???

It is one of my favourite thing in summers. Good to get relief from inflammation and it helps in reducing sun damage to the skin. Very thing about chocolate is amazing and so I believe, no matter if it’s summers or winters, chocolate is super food for the year.

8. Watermelon

Full of water, it helps in keeping the body hydrated. Sunny days takes a toll on our body and watermelon is the ideal way to ward off the heat stroke. The amount of electrolytes in watermelon is so high that it stimulates perspiration , which naturally cools the body. Spary a little amount of lemon on it and there you go. You can make many recipes with watermelon and even add it in the salad. My parents even enjoy the vegetable made by the outer layer of watermelon. I never imagined it, but it tastes well. Enjoy it guys.

9. Brocolli

Coming from the cabbage family, we can categorise broccoli as an edible green plant. Add this to your diet to reduce allergic reaction and inflammation which is very common in summers and our skin is exposed to continuous sun which damages the skin.

10. Walnuts

Nuts in summers is an amazing choice and results in lovely and healthy choice.

In summers it is cooling factor to our body and also helps in reducing the risk of chronic disease such as heart disease or diabeties.

So am I missing any super food. Tell me in the comments section and let’s add that too.

See you guys next time. XOXO.


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