Tips for Solo Female Traveller

Travelling solo or travelling with backpackers as solo. It’s very important to take care of yourself, because you are responsible for your own safety. Try following few suggestions, which always helped me. 1. Try reaching your destination during general hours and avoid odd hours When going to any place alone especially if it’s an unfamiliarContinue reading “Tips for Solo Female Traveller”

Plan a perfect Road trip with your girls

Knowing how to drive can enable the most adventurous experiences, the road trip. Though road trip takes a little planning beforehand, once it starts, it for sure becomes one of the most memorable trips. In my case, my friend is an amazing driver and that gives me the opportunity to plan road trips. Here areContinue reading “Plan a perfect Road trip with your girls”

Remember HAPPY PEOPLE complain to find solutions

Not all complaints are eye rolls worthy. According to a recent study shows, nagging done in a right way, can be an ice-breaker to some important unsaid discussions and even create a good impression. Since our culture takes complaining as a bad habit, we from our childhood have learned to stay silent, even when thereContinue reading “Remember HAPPY PEOPLE complain to find solutions”

Travel during the pandemic

Last few days have been scary and also been lonely. Deserted roads and no flights, no rails. All places that used to be jam-packed seems closed. We are just watching another wonder that happened in this world. Many of us usually travel to see the breath taking sceneries and right now everything that you lookContinue reading “Travel during the pandemic”

New Vlog of an old Trip – It’s London Baby

Hello Guys! I visited the United Kingdom in 2017, and finally, after almost 2 years, I edited it. It was a conference where I got a chance to present my research paper and also show my documentary on Gender Equality in India. The vibe of this place is so amazing, the people are helpful, cheerfulContinue reading “New Vlog of an old Trip – It’s London Baby”

Let’s rule summer like a queen

The right clothes to rule summers like a pro Make yourself ready for those lazy days and hot nights, because it’s summer and before you plan any warm-weather adventures, make sure your wardrobe is up to mark for it. These are the outfit ideas which will help take your A game in getting dressed thisContinue reading “Let’s rule summer like a queen”

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