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Tips for Solo Female Traveller

Travelling solo or travelling with backpackers as solo. It’s very important to take care of yourself, because you are responsible for your own safety. Try following few suggestions, which always helped me.

1. Try reaching your destination during general hours and avoid odd hours When going to any place alone especially if it’s an unfamiliar place, always book your transportation in a way, that you don’t reach the destination at odd hours. And also when you start from that location, try not to start at odd hours. It can help you avoid lot of uninvited troubles. This is because when you are not aware of the place, you are also not sure about the transportation facilities (like buses, cabs, etc.) and also about safety features (like safe roads, police patrolling, etc.). And if in any case you end up with no other choice , it would be great to reach the airport or railway station or bus early and wait in the waiting room.

2. Use common sense and also believe in your instincts No matter which part of world you go to, when it comes to safety, the same rule applies. Don’t get into secluded areas like totally empty alleys, don’t ever accept drinks from any stranger, or don’t get drunk if you know you can not handle yourself, best is to always know your limits when it comes to drinking. Do not trust anyone blindly and never get to an area that you are unsure about, never leave your bag unattended and even never entertain any unattended bag, rather inform to nearby authorities etc. Best is to always be alert and trust your instincts to avoid bad situations like theft, teasing or anything that can spoil your trip and leave you with bad memories. I believe, your instincts are your best friend when you are travelling to any place to avoid troubles to the fullest.

3. Be like locals, behave like them, mingle with them Now as you have read a lot about the culture and kind of the place you are visiting, it becomes really easy to be like locals. Talk to locals to know more about the place. Read their vibes, if you feel safe, talk to locals to know more amazing places and inside stories about the place. The locals know much more then any tourist guide you can find. Mingle with them and also don’t ever be rude to them. People at tourist places understand many of the problems that we people go through and they are always kind enough to help. It always good to be kind to people and it does pay.

4. Find local connections if you have any If possible find local connections. In this world, we are so unaware of our own relatives but it is good to know if we have connections in these kinds of places. It’s not necessary to visit them and take these relatives as burden. But it is always good to know people you know in the area you are visiting. Moreover, have all the emergency contacts ready in hand in those places. So that no matter what, you feel safe in the area and if ever needed you can use the contacts to save yourself.

5. Have an open mind, and be informed Knowledge is always our best friend and so when travelling alone it is so important to read about the place. This can give you a very good idea about which is a safe place to stay in, places to visit, how to reach, know about the culture, what to wear. It is so good to read a lot and watch videos about the place and get familiarised with the area before even reaching. And with internet these days to gathering knowledge is easy. When ever in doubt read about it.

6. Book your stay It is very important to book your stay well in advance. To be frank, it saves you from paying a lot at the end moment or make a bad choice about the stay due to time constraint. Read blogs on where people stay and check the facilities based on ratings of the place. This way you will know where to go once you reach and believe me I am one person who needs a 15 mins of silence after travel and a place which I call my own for a while.

7. Try making friends there To be true, it is my hobby to meet new people at new places and know the area with their eyes too. Having a discussion over dinner about the area with some new friends mainly gives me an option for a new perspective towards everything in my life. So I wont be lying if I say that I usually start a conversation if I am at a new place with a complete stranger. But this happens only after I am sure of a positive vibe from the person. Making friends from different part of the world makes me know a lot about things in their lives and vice versa.

8. Be confident when you talk and be smart in taking decisions Asking for some information, or even asking for directions at new places is very common, so it becomes really important that when you talk to a stranger you sound confident and not lost.There are many ways that you can ask for an information. Sounding like you know the thing but there is a small confusion is far better than sounding totally lost on these kinds of trips. This gives people an opportunity to take advantage which is something you should always avoid.

9. Try carrying less of valuable items and if you do, be less showy When you are travelling to any place whether it’s new or old, it’s always better to not carry your expensive gadgets because you are not aware of how safe the area is and if the place you stay would have that kind of security to handle your valuables. Carrying your expensive gadgets during all times is not possible on the trips and so it is better not to carry them which also reduces the amount of stress you might have if you had to leave it at some place.

10. Carry your basic essentials, but don’t overdo it It’s very important that you carry your basics. Basics may include your toiletries, your (clothes, something like you can mix and match. Just don’t overdo anything on your clothes and on your other items. As you are the only person who will be carrying your items and your bags around, it is very important to know how much of the weight that are we comfortable in carrying.

11. Let your family and friends be informed about your travel itinerary I love visiting new places and more over my recent love for offbeat locations gives my parents chill. But I always make sure to share my itinerary with my family. Remember those whats app family groups we youngsters hate at times. I would prefer using those groups to share your itinerary with your family so that they are aware of your whereabouts and doesn’t panic unnecessarily. Our trips should be never of worry for others.

Important websites to make your travel plan easy.

– For your flights, Buses:

– For hotel bookings:

– For trains in India:

Also, check out

for some weekend treks and hiking. There are many groups like these locally ,who plan a small trips or treks with a small number of people and make it happen during weekends.

I hope all this information is useful to you in some or the other way. And I hope you enjoy all your trips to the fullest. Until next time. XOXO…


Let go and Live!

Far far from the city there lived a small man who was always sad, sad about everything, and everyone around him, so much so that people in the village used to avoid him. Living his life this way for so long, he never even used to smile when people cross by him on roads.One day out of surprise, people saw him smiling and laughing. When someone went up to him and asked, he responded in a very polite way, saying ‘I had been searching for happiness whole my life, and never could find it. But now when I decided to not search for it anymore and live my life to the fullest, I am finally happy.

Plan a perfect Road trip with your girls

Plan a perfect Road trip with your girls

Knowing how to drive can enable the most adventurous experiences, the road trip. Though road trip takes a little planning beforehand, once it starts, it for sure becomes one of the most memorable trips.

In my case, my friend is an amazing driver and that gives me the opportunity to plan road trips. Here are a few tips to take care of your planning to make your trip smooth and enjoyable.

1. Decide on the destination Random trips are the best, you do things which are least expected and everything is a surprise when planned sudden. I think this is something everyone has heard about and so have I. But planning a road trip, is a little different at times. As a girl, we need to think of many factors, so it’s always better to decide on the destination beforehand and also read about the place beforehand(in advance). It gives you a pretty good idea of where to stay and what time is better to reach and what is available in that area.

2. Get your vehicle checked Taking your car for a drive away from the city where you don’t know anyone, well, in cases like these it is best to get your vehicle checked for at least basic things. This can help you avoid mishaps, or smaller issues if any. For eg., I would always get my tyres checked and petrol tank checked before any of these trips. So that I know the health of my vehicle and if anything needs attention, it can be given before the trip starts.

3. Check possible routes and decide on the best route with an alternative Many people who travel a lot usually prefer roads with more scenic beauty and less of the traffic. Use the old fashion maps (I get confused using maps, someone help!) or use the internet to check on the possible routes. Some people prefer the back road (I love calling it the countryside) instead of the interstate highways. It does avoid traffic and the beauty you see on your travel is amazing.

4. Tune your vehicle up If you are planning your vehicle for a longer trip, it is better to get it checked properly and get everything working in good condition. As, for all the lights working properly, the oiling done right, and the tyres all perfect. This will help you in avoiding many of the uncalled situations which are small but can happen any time because of small negligence.

5. Plan those hunger stops both for you and your vehicle My friend and I are a big-time foodie and more than that we enjoy tea every now and then and if we don’t find any we go cranky towards each other too. So it’s always better to know where all can we find a good place to eat and enjoy the journey. Oh! and did I tell you as we are living in the southern part of India and we both enjoy South Indian Idli Vada, we always find a good place with some soft idlis to eat and start the journey again?

6. Don’t forget the entertainment Did I tell you about my love for music? Luckily, my girlfriends and I still enjoy those 90’s songs and so we make it a point to save all the songs. I understand the driver needs to focus on the driving but some music in the background doesn’t hurt, and at times it helps in focusing more.

Oh! Did I tell you about the buffer you should keep for your travel time if you find some places for photos and roadside eateries? I enjoy those times the most. Driving through the hills and finding those beautiful spots and having some fun with your photos that you can take.

In the end, driving is the most important part of a road trip and you definitely need to be confident about the person who is going to drive, either yourself or your friend.

Don’t be in a rush and enjoy the scenic beauty along the roads. I hope this article helps you in planning a better road trip and next time when you plan a trip, try driving to the destination if possible and you might end up loving the experience.

I hope you enjoyed the read and this helps you in some way. If you feel like sharing something that I missed, feel free to comment below about it. I would love to know your point of view.

Till next time. XOXO

Remember HAPPY PEOPLE complain to find solutions

Remember HAPPY PEOPLE complain to find solutions

Not all complaints are eye rolls worthy.

According to a recent study shows, nagging done in a right way, can be an ice-breaker to some important unsaid discussions and even create a good impression.

Since our culture takes complaining as a bad habit, we from our childhood have learned to stay silent, even when there are are reasons to speak up. I believe that it is changing slowly. According to Robin Kowalski, professor of Psychology, at Clemson university in US, complaining can be used as a tool for bonding. This can help in processing our deep emotions like stress and frustration. Complaining in moderation can also be used as an ice breaker, to convey information about oneself so that others can form a particular impression of you. How ever what’s important here is to actually choose the right audience. It’s really important to find someone who you can confide in and who also supports your purpose.

Let’s talk few of the right ways of complaining.

1. Make your wallowing constructive When you share a story, you are actually making an intimate bond of friendship. This happens whenever you share an emotional truth about yourself that show where you are vulnerable. This makes the listener empathetic towards you which is a great bonding vehicle.

2. Know to wallow in a right manner Journalling about your thoughts that are upsetting you and speak about it to a friend. Take your time in choosing the person with deep care. While complaining try to understand yourself too.

3. It’s okay to vent yourself out casually at time While complaining is solution based and venting is not as focused on solution of the problem, but that does not mean that venting is bad. You should vent sometimes because it is cathartic. The positive part of venting is that it’s immediate. It actually allows you to unload and offload the emotional baggage which reduces your stress and unhappiness. But then it’s important that complaining gets solution oriented

4. Don’t just complain in a harsh manner, make it a positive expression Remember that voicing out too many expressive complaints may get you into a loop of negative thoughts. Modern life gives rise to a lot complaints but how many of it are really worth it?

When does effectively it can help you clearly understand what is actually bothering you. Since you are speaking out yourself loud or the person you are talking to shows you the perspective that you couldn’t see on your own as you are so wrapped up in your own feelings. The way you discloses your emotions.


Travel during the pandemic

Travel during the pandemic

Last few days have been scary and also been lonely. Deserted roads and no flights, no rails. All places that used to be jam-packed seems closed.

We are just watching another wonder that happened in this world.

Many of us usually travel to see the breath taking sceneries and right now everything that you look around is just a stand still. We travel to witness the beautiful nature and different culture around but looks like everything we travel for are fast disappearing.

Online platforms are streaming these disappearing nature and cultures and I guess this is the best time to binge watch all that. This might remind us of the choices that we kept making and also will help you fulfil that wanderlust of yours.

So I guess the travel advice for today is to reflect on the how we can make better choices and better our life to help our planet and human kind.

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Dusk to Dawn

Dusk to Dawn

By the evening the boats look calm.

Tied to the corner and other hand flowing apart.

I saw a person getting out of it

and his face was telling me the story of what a day it had been.

Tired and rested at the same time. His eyes kept rolling for the search of his being.

It’s time to go home and cook some food.

Honey i brought some fishes and so would you please.

Would you please groom it with the spices of yours

and help me get ready for the next day ahead.

The Ticking Cursor

The Ticking Cursor

The ticking cursor irritates me, as if it’s teasing me.

Teasing me, staring at me, as if it doesn’t give a ****.

I kept looking back at it, asking him to shut up.

But my brains shut and my heart opens, trying to write all the shit that just happened.

Why can’t my thoughts process slow, slower than my hand move,

Why can’t my hands move faster as if it’s my mobile keypad.

Write, write, write and what not to write, What if someone reads,

I kept stopping myself, whenever I felt it is just my belief.

Belief to fall in love and rise again or just keep drowning to the deepest shit.

My heart knew what I felt but my hands kept moving totally extremes.

As if my hands could think, of those unsaid flings.


New Vlog of an old Trip – It’s London Baby

Hello Guys!

I visited the United Kingdom in 2017, and finally, after almost 2 years, I edited it.

It was a conference where I got a chance to present my research paper and also show my documentary on Gender Equality in India.

The vibe of this place is so amazing, the people are helpful, cheerful and happy, and commuting is super interesting with all the tunnel train, tube trains. I enjoyed my stay of 15 days.

Places I visited:

1. Basingstoke

2. Oxford

3. Brighton

4. London

5. Shrewsbury

From lovely evenings with family and friends to introduce to people from different parts of the world at the conference, to listening to Jazz for the first time, also those walks of Baker Street, I can never forget the Oxford hop on, hop off buses.

I must have seen the Oxford town for almost 3 times in one day, the Harry Potter dining hall and that Alice in Wonderland.

Thanks to my love for solo traveling, I got to see so many beautiful places.

I hope you guys enjoy watching, because I definitely enjoyed making it.

Love you all…

Let’s rule summer like a queen

The right clothes to rule summers like a pro Make yourself ready for those lazy days and hot nights, because it’s summer and before you plan any warm-weather adventures, make sure your wardrobe is up to mark for it. These are the outfit ideas which will help take your A game in getting dressed this summer and also rule it like a pro.

Enjoy the summers and do share your outfit ideas for the summer.

Love you all……