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Yercaud: Being beautifully offbeat with best buddy

Started that Saturday with the feeling of having an amazing breakfast far from the city but ended up going on a road trip was one of the best thing that has happened in 2019 till date. Well I am talking about start of February. The first week of the month, all charged up.

Yercaud is such a relaxing and calm place. Being there on the weekend was like fuelling myself up for the month ahead.

This is the amazing place where we stayed.

With lots of greenery around, I just wanted to relax and do no adventure at this time. And believe me, this is I guess the best place for that.

Place: Yellow Lake Resort

If you are in Bangalore, take a weekend of no planning and stay in Yercaud and relax yourself with the spa and sun rise which just relaxes you and makes you ready for the week and month ahead.

3 hours from Bangalore, I found a place where I can just relax and get ready for another month.

The spa , the morning tea, the bonfire, the games everything combined up to be an awesome weekend.

Planning another trip soon.

Until next time. XOXO…


Just some lights far far away

Just some lights far far away

Walking the lights far far away feels like destination approaching near.

Walking towards it feels as I should be fast and do not fear.

What if the lights go off or I tremble on my way.

Once there I just see a mirage and just no other way.

Wondering if I should wait for something real or I should just leave by a turn that is near.

Rising High

Rising High

Every building has a story to tell, every window has a face to share.

It’s just my perspective that matter.

Sometimes it’s a mother, with those wet clothes,

Or it’s the dad with some ashes to throw.

Sometimes it’s cradle with a warm smile

Or it’s a girl with those damp eyes.

Look closely and I see the story clear

The story of her heart, that is again broken and tear.

She trys to hold tight, trying to forget what just went inside.

Telling herself to calm down, because it’s just day 1 and 364 days still undercount.

Let’s not get deep, and let her be on her own. 

Because when I turned the mirror said, babe, it’s only you.

That beat

Enter the town at 7 in the night

Nothing to visit and all these streets look alike

I felt weird and all the way wrong

But suddenly all shutters are up and streets now glow

Dancing dolls at every corner I see

Calling me near with every touch I feel

Wondering to what part of world it is

I pull my dancing shoes and thats what it is

Here and there hopping those bars

The one with the crazy band thats where I last

Asking for songs which i like the most

That guitarist took my breath away with just his dancing moves

Left, right and again he moves left

That artist just lit his cigratte on his last bend

I kept dancing for the whole night

It was just 2am when I realized

I wonder if I could pack this band in my case

But its just memories that comes back

Going to bed is what I should do

Because 7 days are still more to go….

It was that smile

It all started with a smile I thought you meant it for someone else,

Thinking who can ever like me.

Well, I know I look odd with those chubby cheeks and these specs on.

But did it ever stop you,

I kept ignoring the fact that it is me.

It was always me, but it never clicked me.

And we went on this way, till that day.

There you were in front of me, waving at me, even with no space for air to pass by

Do you even know, I always wanted this, wanted us to let go,

Let go of all the emotions, emotions that crosses by.

I wish I could have hold my breath and asked you your name,

Because you always knew mine.


MATILDA – The Musical

MATILDA – The Musical Play

I never thought I could clap for this long and continue clapping even after my hands have given up.

One play was a must on my list of itineraries for UK and ticking it off with Matilda is another tick in the bucket list.

A fun and to the point book by Roald Dahl with unadulterated musical triumph was a delight to watch. The story is all about a small intelligent girl who is ready to do anything to change her story and do not hesitate even if means getting a little bit naughty.

From those amazing stories in the library to the kid eating up the whole chocolate cake as a punishment every bit of the play has made me laugh and move along with the story. The play has added a new depth to the original story by the way actors performed and the expressions.

The amazing and extraordinary cast of kids and adults has given another light and brightness to the Roald Dahl’s story.

This play has got a special place in my heart and I wish everyone gets a chance to watch such a amazing piece of art.

The little kids being more professional than imagined