MATILDA – The Musical

MATILDA – The Musical Play

I never thought I could clap for this long and continue clapping even after my hands have given up.

One play was a must on my list of itineraries for UK and ticking it off with Matilda is another tick in the bucket list.

A fun and to the point book by Roald Dahl with unadulterated musical triumph was a delight to watch. The story is all about a small intelligent girl who is ready to do anything to change her story and do not hesitate even if means getting a little bit naughty.

From those amazing stories in the library to the kid eating up the whole chocolate cake as a punishment every bit of the play has made me laugh and move along with the story. The play has added a new depth to the original story by the way actors performed and the expressions.

The amazing and extraordinary cast of kids and adults has given another light and brightness to the Roald Dahl’s story.

This play has got a special place in my heart and I wish everyone gets a chance to watch such a amazing piece of art.

The little kids being more professional than imagined

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