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That beat

Enter the town at 7 in the night

Nothing to visit and all these streets look alike

I felt weird and all the way wrong

But suddenly all shutters are up and streets now glow

Dancing dolls at every corner I see

Calling me near with every touch I feel

Wondering to what part of world it is

I pull my dancing shoes and thats what it is

Here and there hopping those bars

The one with the crazy band thats where I last

Asking for songs which i like the most

That guitarist took my breath away with just his dancing moves

Left, right and again he moves left

That artist just lit his cigratte on his last bend

I kept dancing for the whole night

It was just 2am when I realized

I wonder if I could pack this band in my case

But its just memories that comes back

Going to bed is what I should do

Because 7 days are still more to go….


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