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The different kinds of people you meet on your travel

“One of the best thing about travelling is that you get to find out how many amazing people are out there.”

Travelling is a journey which takes you to new places and make you meet some new amazing people, some similar to us and some so different from us that we sometimes find other side of our personality along with them. Even if you meet these strangers for a very small period of time, you form a different kind of bond with them.

Here is the list of kind of different interesting people I have met on my journey in these years. But before we get into the list, I would really say, book yourself a ticket to a place you always wanted to visit and get out and explore. You might find people you connect with. 


Har ek friend zaruri hota hai’

Disclaimer: You might find the content to be little stereotype but it’s not written with the thought of hurting anyone. 

  1. The Culture Nomads

Normal touristy spots are not for these kind of travellers. They like to get deep into the culture of the place they are visiting. So, you might see them roaming around in the places where people live rather than those tourist spots. Interacting with locals and trying to know their culture. Don’t be surprised if you see them dressed as the traditional attire of that place. They have their calendar open with no plans or timings to visit any place but they start wandering in the areas and just start the conversations. 

2. The Newbie

These are the kind who are on their first trips. They look so prepared with all their to-do list and itinerary and timings set for places. You mostly can see 2 kinds in this category. One who is too over excited and can’t wait to explore more and more. The to-do list and timings set for places and the other one’s are those who are dragged to these places by their family or friends. They are very uninterested and can be seen stuck with there smart phones and laptops and engaged in their series or what not. You can feel that they might be happier some other place than the one they are at right now. 

3. The Photographer

Everyone should have one of this kind in their group. The one who can take pictures of every moment and keep it alive forever. Those who travel with there camera batteries all charged and an extra bag for their camera gears. Their pictures says the story as a whole and you find it very touching after the trip. You can sit and talk for hours because the picture are worth thousand words. 

4. The Entrepreneur

This is all the impact of social media lifestyle. They are a new kind of traveller. These are generally the blogger, from their interested fields, maybe fashion, travel, photography, etc. looking for some great and authentic content for their next blog. Either they are there on their own expense or sponsored by the one company or group they are blogging for. Freelance photographers and writers, they all fall in this category.

5. The Hippie

Those funky clothes and hairstyles, the one who can’t care less about the thoughts of others around. they can be spotted with a backpack and their musical instruments. They can create a vibe where they all sit. They meet strangers as they are friends for long, have a great time and move to a new location. This group is so fun to be around with. They let you be you and they help you see altogether a different side of yourself. 

6. The DJs

No travel is complete without a full music playlist. Bring it on and they have a song fit for every mood and every vibe. We all enjoy a person like this in the group or in the hostel we plan to stay at in our solo travels. They set the vibe for the Bonfires and evening get togethers. Middle of no where and you can feel like you are in a different zone with the kind of music collection they carry. That is just amazing.

7. The ‘finding myself’ kind

The one who have seen a lot of solo travel movie and are so inspired by that they have decided to have a journey like that for themselves. In the urge to discover themselves, they are ready to try many new things and experiencing everything possible. This usually means that you can find a partner in crime with these kind of people.

8. The Nomads

Do you see people with those 15kgs of backpacks as if they have packed there livelihood and put that on their backs. Well these are the Nomads. They start there journey with nothing specific on their mind. They might be coming from a beautiful journey and are planning to continue it further. They look so satisfied and fulfilled. They keep hopping from one place to another and have no roots. They are best storytellers as they have experienced so much, everything for them is different from others. 

9. The unsatisfied one’s 

The one’s who are never satisfied. ‘I wish we had more time’ is their common sentence. They believe that they have not visited all the places and yet there is still the scope and this makes them miss the already amazing places that they visited and enjoyed. They get annoying at times for a group of people but they are also our own. We love them no matter what. 

Did I miss any?

Tell me in the comments below.


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